Warwick uni open day


I went to the open day yesterday and tbh when I was on the way I wasn’t expecting that much and I wasn’t really thinking of going there at all but I just went because it’s one of the few places that acTUally offers the exact course I want to do but ITS FREAKING AMAZING !!

After getting very very lost trying to actually find the place and some slight issues with the park and ride we finally got to the campus, and I was pretty set in my mindset that campus unis were nOpe and I wanted a city uni but I have since changed my mind. The campus is like a mini city – it has tONS of restaurants, banks, actual night clubs and even a mini supermarket that sells avocado houmous (!!!). Also the fact that I could literally live on site is so great because just think how late I could sleep in ???? And the accommodation is pretty cheap ay. 

Also the subject. I went there to look at classics with study in Europe which is basically classics but then I also learn Italian from scratch on top and then I get to spend my fourth year in Italy woop!! (Don’t like Italy quIte as much as France but I still love it and tbh if I can skip out on the french literature I’m cool with it). But yeah anyway. All the lecturers were so positive and enthusiastic and they all seem to be really interested in their subject and I think that’s so great because hopefully they can make sure I’m always interested too and that I love the subject like they do which would obvs be nice. Also they were v helpful and one of them was lowkey quite attractive mehehehe. 

Special extra: there’s a vegan society which looks bomb because who doesn’t want to sit around and discuss nice food tbh??????

Anyway I now really want to go here and I’m preparing myself to join 647382 extra curricular activities to make my personal statement fabulous and yeppo. 

Bye dudeeessss

xo ella 

Warwick uni open day

bristol university open day


But anyway I went to Bristol to look at the University and I’m in kind of a dilemma now. Because it’s so nice and I really want to go there. But I’m problematic with my subjects. 

Basically the city is amazing and there’s loads of greens spaces and cute cafes (nice vegan food literally would be two seconds away from my door) and the buildings in the centre are quite pretty and it looks like there’s quite a lot to do so I think it would be so much fun to live there ahhhh !!! Also all the halls of residences are grouped together so it’s like a little village and I think it would be easy to make friends like that and then we’d all be living close together and hhshshshs I really want to go. Also the arts department (which is where I would be is a street of little houses and each section has its own house and I think that’s so cute. 

I also really like the look of the subjects. I’m looking at French and Classical Studies and everyone I talked to about those subjects was really helpful and the courses look amazing too – for French I can do a unit on french fashion??? How great is that???? And I can spend a year in Paris???? My dilemma is that I kinda want to do French and Classics as a combined degree, which ordinarily would be fine but Bristol don’t freaking do it. Why. Don’t rly know what I’m going to do with my life but oH WELL !!!

xo Ella

bristol university open day