travel diary: piemonte, italy 

This is one of my favourite places on earth. My best friend has a house here and my mum’s boyfriend, who is a builder, is doing up another house in the next village so my family spend at least a month here every year. It’s amazing. 

The nearest big town near where I stay is called Alba and I adore it. The buildings are beautiful and there’s quite a few churches and other historical stuff – one of the churches has a roof painted like the night sky which I love. Also there’s an amAzing ice cream shop there called La Romana which seriously makes the best gelato I have ever tasted in my life. The best flavour by far is biscotto della nonna but the lemon granita (kind of like a slushy) is freaking delicious too if you’re vegan. 

Another of my favourite places is Aqui Terme which is a Roman town (great for lil classics enthusiasts like moi) and it also has really pretty buildings, as well as a hot spring fountain which smells really weird but I kinda like it. 

And of cOUrse there’s Milan. I felt so vogue when I went here because everything is so sleek and fashionable and there’s modern and historic all at once. Also yummy food and tons of shops. 

Piemonte is so great that it’s even fun to do literally nothing all day – just relaxing and reading or going in the pool or having a picnic. My friend’s house also has a lot of resident cats which are really friendly – my favourite is the smallest kitten who we named Kronos who is actually the naughtiest thing and so funny. 

Anywayyyy I’m hopefully going back in a couple of weeks and I’m so freaking excited !! (I’m even excited to visit Asti Lido 2000 aka the chavviest Italian water park ever)

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday??

xo Ella

travel diary: piemonte, italy 

facts about meeeee

I’ve had a boring ass weekend and I have nOthing to write about other than myself soooo imma do 50 facts about me probably if I can think of that many so y’all know what kind of person I am and yep here goes,,,,,

  1. I love bread more than I love myself
  2. Also sweet potato
  3. I can hula hoop literally forever if I want to
  4. I’m English, South African and Swiss
  5. My best friend has the same name as me n it’s very confusing 
  6. I have been to Paris once but I’m so in love with it even though I know that’s basic af
  7. I’m a Pisces but I have literally none of the qualities of a Pisces I think???
  8. Languages are my Favourite Thing and I’m currently learning French and Spanish at school and a lil bit of Italian online
  9. I want to learn Russian and Greek
  10. I. LOVE. CATS. 
  11. I have more than 30 cacti/succulents and they all have names. 
  12. The Great Gatsby is my favourite book and movie of all time I love it so much
  13. I can make fab avocado toast
  14. I actually love cooking and I cook all my meals for myself even though I don’t really need to but hey it’s fun 
  15. My favourite thing to do is having picnics with my friends 
  16. I have never broken a bone (feel like I’m tempting fate writing that)
  17. I actually like lemon by itself kind of a lot
  18. I’m vERy scared of fish and seaweed 
  19. I’m kind of not a people person but also I really like people idk I confuse myself 
  20. I can say hello in 30 languages 
  21. My favourite words are weasel, precocious and baffling 
  22. My nickname is snoots and my best friend made it up when we were really little
  23. Speaking of that, we also made up an entire universe called Ella land and it was so elaborate and we were the queens it was great
  24. I’m always so clueless about every situation ever. I nEver know what’s going on
  25. Can’t believe I’m only halfway help I dON’T KNOW 
  26. I like putting random capitals EVerywhere
  27. Not sure if I want kids but if I did I’d want two daughters 
  28. I love Lorde and the Wombats and Two Door Cinema Club and Frank Ocean
  29. I don’t really wear make up other than mascara because I’m high key lazy
  30. I have fruit stickers all over the back of my phone
  31. I’ve never had a boyfriend because I’m slightly allergic to awkward and I jUSt cAn’t
  32. However if young Leo DiCaprio was around I’d marry him in 5 seconds
  33. I can’t watch horror movies they’re way too scary 
  34. My first ever teddy was a toy chick and I still have it
  35. I get very distressed by eyes. They creep me out so much
  36. Right now I’m wearing avocado socks
  37. My phone is always on airplane mode so I really annoy everyone by not picking up calls ever
  38. I hate pizza (sorry everyone)
  39. I want to call my future cat Luna or Mishy
  40. I’ve started writing two books but I always decide to majorly change the plot so I’ve never got that far
  41. My favourite fruits are peach and raspberry 
  43. I’m currently wearing pyjama shorts and a Calvin Klein men’s shirt which is a strange look but whatever 
  44. I lOve homemade lemonade
  45. I don’t like coffee because it smells so much nicer than it tastes 
  46. Haven’t learnt to drive yet oops even though I could and it would be really useful 
  47. I love reorganising my room but it’s kinda difficult because I share with my sister 
  48. My eyesight is actually terrible but I hardly ever wear my glasses
  49. I’m sUch a night owl 
  50. No idea what I’m doing with my life 


Comment some random stuff about yourselves my lil beans because I’m lowkey a stalker and I like to know stuff about people k byeeee

xo Ella

facts about meeeee

Warwick uni open day


I went to the open day yesterday and tbh when I was on the way I wasn’t expecting that much and I wasn’t really thinking of going there at all but I just went because it’s one of the few places that acTUally offers the exact course I want to do but ITS FREAKING AMAZING !!

After getting very very lost trying to actually find the place and some slight issues with the park and ride we finally got to the campus, and I was pretty set in my mindset that campus unis were nOpe and I wanted a city uni but I have since changed my mind. The campus is like a mini city – it has tONS of restaurants, banks, actual night clubs and even a mini supermarket that sells avocado houmous (!!!). Also the fact that I could literally live on site is so great because just think how late I could sleep in ???? And the accommodation is pretty cheap ay. 

Also the subject. I went there to look at classics with study in Europe which is basically classics but then I also learn Italian from scratch on top and then I get to spend my fourth year in Italy woop!! (Don’t like Italy quIte as much as France but I still love it and tbh if I can skip out on the french literature I’m cool with it). But yeah anyway. All the lecturers were so positive and enthusiastic and they all seem to be really interested in their subject and I think that’s so great because hopefully they can make sure I’m always interested too and that I love the subject like they do which would obvs be nice. Also they were v helpful and one of them was lowkey quite attractive mehehehe. 

Special extra: there’s a vegan society which looks bomb because who doesn’t want to sit around and discuss nice food tbh??????

Anyway I now really want to go here and I’m preparing myself to join 647382 extra curricular activities to make my personal statement fabulous and yeppo. 

Bye dudeeessss

xo ella 

Warwick uni open day

life update: oranges n toast

I went on an almost solo trip to Brighton aka one of my fave places today !! My dad quite often goes down there to sell at car boot sales and I got up at an unearthly hour this morning to join him and shop (by myself lol). 

I mostly spent the whole day wandering around in various shops. I bought this cute tiny backpack in urban outfitters and I was so proud of myself but when I tried it the buckles were in such an annoying place and they rubbed my arms to death so I returned it, sad times. But I also bought two really cute tops. 

The lanes were sooooo busy today, because it was so warm I guess, but I went in a couple of vintage shops and felt properly indie ;)))) and also found a place that sold really yummy avocado toast. 

Afterwards I went to meet my dad down at the beach (it was so packed) where the finish line of the London to Brighton cycle race that happened today was. That was great because there were tons of boxes of free oranges that they were giving out to the cyclists and I might have sneaked a couple (seven). Also I had a bomb smoothie to rehydrate. 

All in all it was very snazzy and I’ve done 20,000 steps and I’m slightly dead but oh well. 


xo Ella 

life update: oranges n toast

books to read this summer

The Secret History by Donna Tartt – mythology, murder and crazy rich kids

The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater – friendship, quirkiness and dead Welsh kings

How to be Parisian by Sophie Mas (etc.) – Vogue pictures, dreaminess and tongue in cheek frenchisms

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald – sparkles, champagne and forbidden love 

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven – life, death and poetic adventures

You Deserve Nothing by Alexander Maksik – a whole lot of secrets in Paris

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George – healing, heartbreak and literature based journeys (spiritual and physical)

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart – family, luxury and deadly lies

Soo there we go – a comprehensive list of fabulous books to get you through lazy days on the beach or long road trips to adventure – have fun!!

What are your favourite summer books?

xo Ella

(ps can you tell I’m obsessed with France??)

books to read this summer

snazzy places: the tate modern

Soooo I have had pretty much the most boring week of my life because I have study leave but I’ve actually finished my exams and I have nOthing to do. I have barely left my bed. So I have nothing to write about. BUt I thought it might be a cool idea to start a little series of snazzy places I’ve visited, starting with the Tate Modern in London. 

I last went here kind of a while ago with my mum and sister because we felt like we needed some more culture in our lives and because I like art and it is dEfinitely my favourite museum kinda place I’ve been to. It’s all modern art obviously and they have pieces from quite a lot of famous artists like Monet and Picasso which is cool, and also my fave Matisse who I’m about to do a French project on I think…

They also have more obscure pieces which I love because they’re all so original. I gotta say, I hate it when I go to modern art galleries and I hear people saying ‘oh I could easily do that, that’s so simple’ because nO???? Would you have ever thought of creating something like that? Would you have gone grocery shopping and been inspired to make a piece of art? You have to appreciate their imagination and uniqueness. 

Anyway, we didn’t get as much time there as I would have liked because our parking ticket ran out but at least it gives me an excuse to go again ayyyy. 

Also, other cool things about the general area: there’s a Pret A Manger really close by aka the only chain restaurant anyone ever needs and I saw a guy blowing giant bubbles right outside and what more could you want in life?

Does anyone else have a favourite artist or gallery or general snazzy places they like??

xo Ella

snazzy places: the tate modern