travel diary: piemonte, italy 

This is one of my favourite places on earth. My best friend has a house here and my mum’s boyfriend, who is a builder, is doing up another house in the next village so my family spend at least a month here every year. It’s amazing. 

The nearest big town near where I stay is called Alba and I adore it. The buildings are beautiful and there’s quite a few churches and other historical stuff – one of the churches has a roof painted like the night sky which I love. Also there’s an amAzing ice cream shop there called La Romana which seriously makes the best gelato I have ever tasted in my life. The best flavour by far is biscotto della nonna but the lemon granita (kind of like a slushy) is freaking delicious too if you’re vegan. 

Another of my favourite places is Aqui Terme which is a Roman town (great for lil classics enthusiasts like moi) and it also has really pretty buildings, as well as a hot spring fountain which smells really weird but I kinda like it. 

And of cOUrse there’s Milan. I felt so vogue when I went here because everything is so sleek and fashionable and there’s modern and historic all at once. Also yummy food and tons of shops. 

Piemonte is so great that it’s even fun to do literally nothing all day – just relaxing and reading or going in the pool or having a picnic. My friend’s house also has a lot of resident cats which are really friendly – my favourite is the smallest kitten who we named Kronos who is actually the naughtiest thing and so funny. 

Anywayyyy I’m hopefully going back in a couple of weeks and I’m so freaking excited !! (I’m even excited to visit Asti Lido 2000 aka the chavviest Italian water park ever)

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday??

xo Ella

travel diary: piemonte, italy