current vibes

silver jewellery against tan skin, sun hot on your back, patterns on skin from lacy tops, wandering european cats, glowy lipgloss, the fresh tartness of homemade lemonade, lazing outside with a book, soft music in your earphones as you gaze at classical art, picnics and freedom

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current vibes

facts about meeeee

I’ve had a boring ass weekend and I have nOthing to write about other than myself soooo imma do 50 facts about me probably if I can think of that many so y’all know what kind of person I am and yep here goes,,,,,

  1. I love bread more than I love myself
  2. Also sweet potato
  3. I can hula hoop literally forever if I want to
  4. I’m English, South African and Swiss
  5. My best friend has the same name as me n it’s very confusing 
  6. I have been to Paris once but I’m so in love with it even though I know that’s basic af
  7. I’m a Pisces but I have literally none of the qualities of a Pisces I think???
  8. Languages are my Favourite Thing and I’m currently learning French and Spanish at school and a lil bit of Italian online
  9. I want to learn Russian and Greek
  10. I. LOVE. CATS. 
  11. I have more than 30 cacti/succulents and they all have names. 
  12. The Great Gatsby is my favourite book and movie of all time I love it so much
  13. I can make fab avocado toast
  14. I actually love cooking and I cook all my meals for myself even though I don’t really need to but hey it’s fun 
  15. My favourite thing to do is having picnics with my friends 
  16. I have never broken a bone (feel like I’m tempting fate writing that)
  17. I actually like lemon by itself kind of a lot
  18. I’m vERy scared of fish and seaweed 
  19. I’m kind of not a people person but also I really like people idk I confuse myself 
  20. I can say hello in 30 languages 
  21. My favourite words are weasel, precocious and baffling 
  22. My nickname is snoots and my best friend made it up when we were really little
  23. Speaking of that, we also made up an entire universe called Ella land and it was so elaborate and we were the queens it was great
  24. I’m always so clueless about every situation ever. I nEver know what’s going on
  25. Can’t believe I’m only halfway help I dON’T KNOW 
  26. I like putting random capitals EVerywhere
  27. Not sure if I want kids but if I did I’d want two daughters 
  28. I love Lorde and the Wombats and Two Door Cinema Club and Frank Ocean
  29. I don’t really wear make up other than mascara because I’m high key lazy
  30. I have fruit stickers all over the back of my phone
  31. I’ve never had a boyfriend because I’m slightly allergic to awkward and I jUSt cAn’t
  32. However if young Leo DiCaprio was around I’d marry him in 5 seconds
  33. I can’t watch horror movies they’re way too scary 
  34. My first ever teddy was a toy chick and I still have it
  35. I get very distressed by eyes. They creep me out so much
  36. Right now I’m wearing avocado socks
  37. My phone is always on airplane mode so I really annoy everyone by not picking up calls ever
  38. I hate pizza (sorry everyone)
  39. I want to call my future cat Luna or Mishy
  40. I’ve started writing two books but I always decide to majorly change the plot so I’ve never got that far
  41. My favourite fruits are peach and raspberry 
  43. I’m currently wearing pyjama shorts and a Calvin Klein men’s shirt which is a strange look but whatever 
  44. I lOve homemade lemonade
  45. I don’t like coffee because it smells so much nicer than it tastes 
  46. Haven’t learnt to drive yet oops even though I could and it would be really useful 
  47. I love reorganising my room but it’s kinda difficult because I share with my sister 
  48. My eyesight is actually terrible but I hardly ever wear my glasses
  49. I’m sUch a night owl 
  50. No idea what I’m doing with my life 


Comment some random stuff about yourselves my lil beans because I’m lowkey a stalker and I like to know stuff about people k byeeee

xo Ella

facts about meeeee

how to have the perfect picnic

Picnic-ing is literally my favourite hobby ever and basically 83% of why I love summer and not gonna lie my squad have some pretty good picnics so here is how you can do that too:

Firstly, you’re gonna need supplies. All you really need is a picnic blanket and some friends (4-7 seems to be a good number but more or less is obviously snazzy too). It’s also nice to have a dog but it has to be a well behaved one otherwise it might try to steal your houmous sandwich like my cousin’s dog did when I was in Norfolk (most tragic moment of my life). OOH AND if you have a Bluetooth speaker that is 100% a fabulous thing to take. 

A good location is also important. If it’s going to be sunny then you could go to the beach or some woods or a river or something, or if you’re kinda lazy just someone’s garden. If your weather app lies to you and it starts raining even though it said it would be 30 degrees then itS STILL FINE !! Make a cute den with tapestries and pillows and have your picnic in there (never done this but it’s on my bucket list). 

And finally, the most exciting thing: food. Ask everyone to bring something different so you have a variety (also make sure no one is allergic to anything otherwise that could be awkward). We always have carrots and cucumber and baguette and houmous, loads of fruit and these amazing vegan cheese swirls my friend makes because my whole squad is vegetarian/vegan but you could also have stuff like mini sausages and scotch eggs because that kinda thing is exciting tbh. Also don’t forget dessert – get mini brownies or something cute like that. 

SO you’re also gonna need Stuff To Do. I mean obviously it’s fine to just sit around and talk but if you’re into that adventurous lifestyle it could be fun to make use of your location and try something. Like, there’s this lake near me where you can hire little rowing boats and that’s fun. If you’re at the beach obviously there’s the sea, or if you’re a child like me sandcastles !!! Something me and my friends always do is have a mini photo shoot and get some snazzy pics for the gram ;)))

ANYway that, in my opinion makes a pretty good picnic and I think y’all should try it out and everyone plz let me know what picnic food you like because picnics and food are my favourite things. 


xo Ella

how to have the perfect picnic

life update: oats n picnics

I had such a lovely weekend, even though I’m kind of drowning in revision (gotta love a levels). I spent Saturday studying with some yUMMY overnight oats – first time I ever made them and they were so good !! I also bought some presents for my friend’s birthday in my favourite shop which sells loads of Indian bangles and pretty things like that. Also I repotted some of my plants because they’re getting wayyy too big for their jars…

On Sunday I had thE cutest picnic with my friends. They are all from my old school so I haven’t actually seen them in a while and it was so good to catch up and the weather was so sunny and lovely (I’ve got such bad sunburn on my nose oops). Also we had vegan cheese swirls and hummus (how do you actually spell that???) so obviously everything was amazing. My friend’s dog even joined us and ate carrot sticks which he loves ????

I’ve got my first as exam tomorrow and I feel like I haven’t done even almost enough revision so that’s probably going to go great but oH WELL 



Ella xo

life update: oats n picnics