travel diary: lyon 

YO FAM I AM BACK!! Sorry for the random unexplained absence but I’ve been on holiday in Switzerland, Italy and France and I didn’t have wifi most of the time ugh. ANYway all this means I have a ton of amazing places and things to write about so expect like 53 travel posts ay. 

I didn’t actually go to Lyon first, in fact there were two whole countries before I even got here, but I feel like writing about Lyon today so there ya go. 

Firstly, such a pretty city. I kind of got Paris vibes but a bit more laid back and less judgmental. You can see how beautiful the buildings are in my photos and ugh it’s just amazing to walk through all the clean white streets in the centre because everything is positively glowing and there are fountains everywhere and blue blue sky and I just love it. There are two rivers going through the city and their water is just as blue as the sky – nothing like English rivers which are always lowkey grey. 

There’s tons of fancy shops and little french boutiques but unfortunately we went there in the middle of a religious festival and most of them were shut so instead of shopping we went exploring. We walked through the old quarter which had warm coloured buildings – some of them had really quirky shapes with huge arched windows or random little towers on the side. This bit is where most of the artisan restaurants are, and not gonna lie, these are SO expensive. Literally couldn’t afford anything in there lol but the vibe was nice- every table was full and there was a buzz of chatting and amazing smells as I walked through these streets. Also I found thE coolest plant shop – it was literally full to the brim with cacti and vines winding everywhere. I really wish I could have gone in. 

Finally, we went up the funicular railway (train that goes up and down hills on a pulley thing) to the top of the hill to see the Roman amphitheatre which was great for me because I’m a classics nerd and I love this stuff. Also there was an amazing view – I could see all the red rooftops of Lyon. It was really surprising to see that in the whole place there are only a couple of modern skyscrapers – most of the buildings are in the old, white, curly black railings style which I loved. 

Anyway, Lyon is amazing and if I could have spent more than two days here I would have in a second. 

Have any of you been anywhere snazzy this summer??? Because please tell I love hearing about people’s travels so much. 

xo Ella

travel diary: lyon