travel diary: quercy, france 

Sooo part 2 of my lil travel summer series thing ay. My grandparents live in this area so I go here most summers and it’s so pretty. 

We stopped off in a the Tarn Valley on the way over from Lyon which is like a river area with really rocky cliffs and a few mountains. This was kinda stressful because when we arrived it was way too late to check into a campsite and we spent so long driving around trying to find somewhere that was open. In the end my dad just decided to pull into this grassy area at the side of the road because he hadn’t really slept in like 50 hours and we were all about to collapse, son basically we had no idea where we were and we couldn’t see anything. It was really weird. But also I had the best moment in the morning when I woke up quite early and stuck my head out of the tent and found out we were on a cliff overlooking the river and there were forests all around and it was so pretty. It was really surprising because I was just expecting a load of roads. 

Anyway, we spent that day kayaking – we ended up going a total of like 15 km and WOW MY ARMS WERE SO PAINFUL. It was fun though and I got to see some really cool stuff. And some crazy french people jumping off cliffs into the river which looked so scary. Afterwards we literally had no time to recover, we just got ice cream (lemon sorbet yayyy) and then had to go on another 6 hour drive up to my grandparents house. 

Me and my sister get to stay in the chalet in the garden which is basically thE cutest shed all covered in roses and it’s so warm and comfy (even though it was such a mess because we both seriously overpacked and we are bad at putting away clothes). The house is so nice too – I showed my friend some photos and she thinks it looks like Winnie the Pooh’s house which is kinda true tbh. 

We did so much stuff while we were there. We visited markets in loooads of different towns and I bought a ton of jewellery and the best strawberries I have ever tasted and I basically felt like I was fluent in French for successfully asking for two peaches go me. We also went to a really cool town called Rocamadour which is pretty much carved into the side of a cliff and it has lots of shops which sell really quirky stuff like scented rocks????? There’s a church at the top after loads of stairs (I think they’re something to do with pilgrims) and, story time I had to run all the way down and up those steps at half eight in the evening to buy my friend some earrings and the shop was literally closing with me running towards it like NO STOP. I got the earrings though. 

And of course we did a load of kayaking because rivers are The Thing in Quercy. My dad actually made this weird catamaran thing where he put a bamboo raft in between two kayaks. It was pretty great because it meant that my sister and I could laze around sunbathing while my dad and my brother had to do the paddling. 

ALSO I ate so much bread literally every day. I’m going to become a baguette. I love bread. I miss the bread. 


xo Ella

travel diary: quercy, france 

travel diary: lyon 

YO FAM I AM BACK!! Sorry for the random unexplained absence but I’ve been on holiday in Switzerland, Italy and France and I didn’t have wifi most of the time ugh. ANYway all this means I have a ton of amazing places and things to write about so expect like 53 travel posts ay. 

I didn’t actually go to Lyon first, in fact there were two whole countries before I even got here, but I feel like writing about Lyon today so there ya go. 

Firstly, such a pretty city. I kind of got Paris vibes but a bit more laid back and less judgmental. You can see how beautiful the buildings are in my photos and ugh it’s just amazing to walk through all the clean white streets in the centre because everything is positively glowing and there are fountains everywhere and blue blue sky and I just love it. There are two rivers going through the city and their water is just as blue as the sky – nothing like English rivers which are always lowkey grey. 

There’s tons of fancy shops and little french boutiques but unfortunately we went there in the middle of a religious festival and most of them were shut so instead of shopping we went exploring. We walked through the old quarter which had warm coloured buildings – some of them had really quirky shapes with huge arched windows or random little towers on the side. This bit is where most of the artisan restaurants are, and not gonna lie, these are SO expensive. Literally couldn’t afford anything in there lol but the vibe was nice- every table was full and there was a buzz of chatting and amazing smells as I walked through these streets. Also I found thE coolest plant shop – it was literally full to the brim with cacti and vines winding everywhere. I really wish I could have gone in. 

Finally, we went up the funicular railway (train that goes up and down hills on a pulley thing) to the top of the hill to see the Roman amphitheatre which was great for me because I’m a classics nerd and I love this stuff. Also there was an amazing view – I could see all the red rooftops of Lyon. It was really surprising to see that in the whole place there are only a couple of modern skyscrapers – most of the buildings are in the old, white, curly black railings style which I loved. 

Anyway, Lyon is amazing and if I could have spent more than two days here I would have in a second. 

Have any of you been anywhere snazzy this summer??? Because please tell I love hearing about people’s travels so much. 

xo Ella

travel diary: lyon 

travel diary: south of france 

I went to the south of France recently on a school trip and can I just say it is one of thE loveliest and prettiest places I have ever been to. 

We stayed with host families in Nice and my family were so kind and understanding of my literal inability to speak good french (oops). They had a huge apartment which literally looked like a hotel suite and they fed us so much food we could probably have survived forever without ever eating again !! (The cat, however was a lil bit grumpy). 

We went to french school in the mornings which was kind of boring not gonna lie (so much subjunctive, who even knew that was a tense?) but in the afternoons we got to visit loads of different french towns like Cannes and Antibes and also Monaco. My favourite was Villefranche-sur-mer which is literally like a postcard. The houses are all warm orangey colours and the beach had clear sparkly water and to be honest I would happily live there. Also they had some great lemon sorbet which is one of my favourite things ever. 

So yeah, the south of France is definitely a place I want to visit again – there’s friendly people, so many shops, reallyyy great weather (I went in March and I was wearing shorts???? What is this witchcraft???), 97 cent massive tubs of couscous and the best thing: sO MANY CUTE DOGS AND GIANT CACTI !!!! (as the self declared cactus queen I was in heaven). 

Where’s your favourite place to travel??

au revoir

Ella xo

travel diary: south of france