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silver jewellery against tan skin, sun hot on your back, patterns on skin from lacy tops, wandering european cats, glowy lipgloss, the fresh tartness of homemade lemonade, lazing outside with a book, soft music in your earphones as you gaze at classical art, picnics and freedom

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current vibes

snazzy places: the tate modern

Soooo I have had pretty much the most boring week of my life because I have study leave but I’ve actually finished my exams and I have nOthing to do. I have barely left my bed. So I have nothing to write about. BUt I thought it might be a cool idea to start a little series of snazzy places I’ve visited, starting with the Tate Modern in London. 

I last went here kind of a while ago with my mum and sister because we felt like we needed some more culture in our lives and because I like art and it is dEfinitely my favourite museum kinda place I’ve been to. It’s all modern art obviously and they have pieces from quite a lot of famous artists like Monet and Picasso which is cool, and also my fave Matisse who I’m about to do a French project on I think…

They also have more obscure pieces which I love because they’re all so original. I gotta say, I hate it when I go to modern art galleries and I hear people saying ‘oh I could easily do that, that’s so simple’ because nO???? Would you have ever thought of creating something like that? Would you have gone grocery shopping and been inspired to make a piece of art? You have to appreciate their imagination and uniqueness. 

Anyway, we didn’t get as much time there as I would have liked because our parking ticket ran out but at least it gives me an excuse to go again ayyyy. 

Also, other cool things about the general area: there’s a Pret A Manger really close by aka the only chain restaurant anyone ever needs and I saw a guy blowing giant bubbles right outside and what more could you want in life?

Does anyone else have a favourite artist or gallery or general snazzy places they like??

xo Ella

snazzy places: the tate modern