travel diary: switzerland 

FInally the last part of my lil summer travel series thingy. I only stayed I. Switzerland for about two days on the way down to Italy. We stayed in my best friends house because she lives there except she was actually in Singapore at the time which was annoying but oh well her parents were there and they are lovely too so it was all good. 

My first experience in Switzerland this year wast that great because we arrived at three in the morning and slept in the car at the side of the road, but not gonna lie I was pretty comfortable because I squished my sister over to the other side of the car in my sleep so I could spread out, lol sorry Emilie. In the morning we basically had a very dramatic search for breakfast because my mum had big plans of going to a restaurant but then we remembered how expensive Switzerland is and that it is literally not worth it. So we went to the supermarket like the classy people we are and I got some amazing bread roll things – there was so much bread it was basically my heaven – and some coffee and we took so long we got a parking ticket so might as well have gone to the restaurant oops. 

ANYway, we didn’t do much else that day except sit around and play with my friend’s cute pets and eat Swiss chocolate spread which is actually delicious. 

On the second day we went to Luzern which is really pretty and has little coloured houses and a really cool river which is so clear because it’s basically all melt water from the mountains. We walked round the walls of the city which was such a workout because stairs omg but it had a pretty snazzy view. My sister bought a really cute vintage coat and I am jealous because I’m broke as usual. We were supposed to leave that evening but then my friends parents had goats for dinner so we stayed and I had almost the best couscous of my life (ultimate fave is french couscous from Monoprix). 

The next day we went to a lake because it tirns out Switzerland is actually hot in summer who knew?? I’ve only been there in early spring aka ski season so yeah not me. But anyway it was beautiful because the lake was also melt water so it was really clean and it had the prettiest view of the mountains (which was kind of weird because I was there in a bikini looking at the snow on the mountains but not freezing). I kind of didn’t want to go in because clear water = visible fish and me and fish do not get on, but I did it and once I stopped thinking about the fish it was so nice and I made my brother take cute pictures of me with my overpriced Urban Outfitters disposable camera because I am Indie. 

We ended up staying another night but we let at 4 in the morning which meant we got to drive over the alps into Italy at sunrise and everything looked so majestic it was amazing. 

ANYWAY THAT IS IT PALS !! Hopefully I get to go to some more interesting places soon because England is boring af and I need photos for my Instagram so yah. 

xo Ella

travel diary: switzerland 

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