things to do when you start college 

I have a lot more travel posts coming up but I thought I’d break them up a bit because I know loads of people are already going back to school (I feel your pain dudes) and also because I want a bit of variety. By the way, by college I mean English college as in year 12 and 13 not American college as in uni so plz don’t get confused fam. But I guess this works for going into high school or whatever as well so read on people. 

Basically I thought this would be pretty useful maybe because I started college last year and I actually genuinely hated it for about three weeks but mAYBE I can help some pals out so it’s all good from the start ay. 

sO tip number 1: talk to EVERYONE literally from the second you get there on the first day, or even the second you get on the bus or whatever because I met my current friend group through people on the bus. This is really important, even if you’re moving up with 637 of your best friends because a) there’s always a possibility you’re going to meet an amazing new friend, and b) other people (aka me) may have moved up from a different school and know absolutely no one and they will honestly be so greatful for someone to reach out to them. 

tip number 2: USE YOUR FREES !!!! It’s tempting af to just sit around in your free periods eating food and complaining about how much work you have to do but take it from me if you actually do the work in your frees then you have lunch and after college and the weekends free because honestly you have more than enough time to get stuff done and you’ll have resources and books and stuff to make it easier 

tip number 3: be yourself. I know this sounds cringey as hell but it’s actually important because you can kind of get caught up in wanting to change your image and some people at my college are freaking obsessed with being indie and OMG ITS SO ANNOYING STOP YOURSELVES! Apart from these people there’s actually no hierarchy and much less judgment (probably because there’s so many people) and no one cares what you wear or whatever, and if they do it’s likely there’s enough people to just ditch those people and find better ones. 

tip number 4: don’t be afraid to ask for help. Not gonna lie I don’t always follow this one because I kind of hate talking to teachers and stuff but I should because a levels actually do matter, a lot more than GCSEs do and if you don’t understand something, it could completely mess you up and mean you miss the grades you need for uni. Okay, that’s definitely a worst case scenario but sTILL it’s a good idea to make sure you’re on top of things. So use help sessions, ask your classmates or your teachers, don’t just sit there and pray something never comes up because exam boards are evil and they like to torture us so it probably will. 

tip number 5: organise your work as you go along. I dEFINitely don’t follow this one and there’s a massiv pile of random pieces of paper in my room that I don’t even want to look at and I could so easily just have sorted it into files as I did the work but nooooo I had to make life hard for myself and now I want to cry every time I have to go through it to find something i need for revision. Sort out your folders kids. (Ooh and bonus tip: however much paper you think you’ll need, literally times that by four. You’re gonna be drowning in paper.)

Okay that’s all I can think of for now because it’s making me slightly depressed to think about going back to school but hey, don’t stress people. It’s gonna be fine in the end. 

xo Ella

things to do when you start college 

7 thoughts on “things to do when you start college 

  1. This is actually really helpful. We don’t call it college in Australia, just year 11 and 12, but most people have to go to a new, bigger, school for it, and you get treated more adult like.


  2. Oh GOD SCHOOL! I went to Sixth Form instead of college but oh well – sadly I followed ONLY the tip about talking to new people. I wish I’d got my crap together at the START of year 12 as opposed to the end; it would’ve made things a lot more simple. This is a fab post though!

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