current faves // 2



  • MELODRAMA (yeah I know it came our ages ago but still what a banging album)
  • The Wombats (still my all time baes – jump into the fog is my current favourite)
  • Lana del Rey (don’t like all the songs on her new album but Cherry is a tune)
  • Katy Perry (randomly making a comeback on my playlist, shoutout to my sister for that)
  •  Sundara Karma (just starting to really appreciate them hm)


  • Big Little Lies (mainly just love Zoe Kravitz but there ya go)
  • Game of Thrones (very late to the party – I’m just starting season 3)
  • Fresh Meat (not about meat I promise, it’s hilarious) 
  • Roman Holiday (CLASSIC)
  • Ella Snyder (want to be her ngl)
  • Hi I’m Mimi (what a cutie)


  • The Basic Eight – Daniel Handler (I freaking love this book it’s my new favourite)
  • Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro (actually read this for school but hey I like it) 
  • His Dark Materials series – Philip Pullman (these have been my fave forever and there’s a new spin off coming out yayyy)
  • The Silver Pigs etc. – Lindsey Davis (shh I’m a classics nerd)


  • Hoop earrings (I used to be so against them but now I wear them every day)
  • Off the shoulder tops (aka my one favourite blue and white top)
  • Denim skirts (how did I live before I bought one of these??)
  • Silver bangles (I bought a really pretty one in France)
  • Tote bags (shoutout to Bethany for getting me a cute cactus tote for my birthday last year)


  • Peaches (love you Tesco for selling these for 49p a bag)
  • Toast (new found appreciation??)
  • Jam (Damson. On aforementioned toast)
  • Lemon lollies (SUMMER IN A FOOD)
  • Sundried tomatoes (idk they’re bomb)
  • Chickpea curry (I might post my recipe to this when I make it photo worthy because it’s so good)


  • Kayaking (random new hobby)
  • @anyaosi on Instagram (cutest drawings ever??)
  • Multicoloured eyeshadow (I can’t do it but one of my best friends can and I appreciate it) 
  • Ivy (looks aesthetic af on European buildings)
  • Sunsets (seen some cute ones lately)

Anyway that’s my fave things at the moment and plz tell me some of yours because I am always interested !!

xo Ella

current faves // 2

travel diary: switzerland 

FInally the last part of my lil summer travel series thingy. I only stayed I. Switzerland for about two days on the way down to Italy. We stayed in my best friends house because she lives there except she was actually in Singapore at the time which was annoying but oh well her parents were there and they are lovely too so it was all good. 

My first experience in Switzerland this year wast that great because we arrived at three in the morning and slept in the car at the side of the road, but not gonna lie I was pretty comfortable because I squished my sister over to the other side of the car in my sleep so I could spread out, lol sorry Emilie. In the morning we basically had a very dramatic search for breakfast because my mum had big plans of going to a restaurant but then we remembered how expensive Switzerland is and that it is literally not worth it. So we went to the supermarket like the classy people we are and I got some amazing bread roll things – there was so much bread it was basically my heaven – and some coffee and we took so long we got a parking ticket so might as well have gone to the restaurant oops. 

ANYway, we didn’t do much else that day except sit around and play with my friend’s cute pets and eat Swiss chocolate spread which is actually delicious. 

On the second day we went to Luzern which is really pretty and has little coloured houses and a really cool river which is so clear because it’s basically all melt water from the mountains. We walked round the walls of the city which was such a workout because stairs omg but it had a pretty snazzy view. My sister bought a really cute vintage coat and I am jealous because I’m broke as usual. We were supposed to leave that evening but then my friends parents had goats for dinner so we stayed and I had almost the best couscous of my life (ultimate fave is french couscous from Monoprix). 

The next day we went to a lake because it tirns out Switzerland is actually hot in summer who knew?? I’ve only been there in early spring aka ski season so yeah not me. But anyway it was beautiful because the lake was also melt water so it was really clean and it had the prettiest view of the mountains (which was kind of weird because I was there in a bikini looking at the snow on the mountains but not freezing). I kind of didn’t want to go in because clear water = visible fish and me and fish do not get on, but I did it and once I stopped thinking about the fish it was so nice and I made my brother take cute pictures of me with my overpriced Urban Outfitters disposable camera because I am Indie. 

We ended up staying another night but we let at 4 in the morning which meant we got to drive over the alps into Italy at sunrise and everything looked so majestic it was amazing. 

ANYWAY THAT IS IT PALS !! Hopefully I get to go to some more interesting places soon because England is boring af and I need photos for my Instagram so yah. 

xo Ella

travel diary: switzerland 

coffee date avec moi

I’ve seen a couple of people doing this and i thought it was a cute af idea so here is me jumping on the bandwagon ayyy. 

So basically, if we were on a coffee date, we’d definitely be in my favourite cafe in Brighton because that is the only place that sells coffee I actually really like. It’s also the cutest place ever. It’s a Turkish cafe I think and it has swings instead of seats at the window table. There’s also flowers everywhere and it sells The yummiest snacks and sandwiches including vegan ones ayyy. So we’d be there sitting on the swing seats and I’d have a cappuccino or maybe a berry smoothie. We’d be sharing a plate of coconut and banana balls because they’re amazing. 

Since we’re in Brighton I’d definitely start off by telling you about my favourite shops there – aka this amazing cupacake place I can’t remember the name of but it’s just so good and the tea shop that gives out free samples of interesting flavoured teas. I’d also tell you that this time I’m finally going to buy one of the cute backplacks in Beyond Retro that I’ve been wanting for ages but can’t bring myself to spend so much money on eek. I wouldn’t buy one anyway but I like to kid myself I can afford it for a while. 

We’d talk about our summers. I’d tell you about my travels in Europe and ask you where you’ve been and what you’ve done. I’d also probably tell you about my vague plans for next summer which may involve interrailing and festivals. And then I’d complain about how much I need to get a job so I can actually do these things oops. 

Not gonna lie, once we start on the snacks I will not be able to stop myself talking about how much I love food because food is my life and seriously I can talk about it for ages. You’d know all about my quest for the perfect banana bread recipe which I haven’t found yet and my undying love for houmous. 

I’d ask you about your family and friends and pets and I’d tell you about my dog’s weird habit of going round in circles all the time and how I find him a bit annoying sometimes even though my friends all love him (sorry Kaiser I’m a cat person. You’re still cute though). 

We’d discuss our weird quirks and random talents like the fact I have fruit stickers all over my phone and how I once spent four hours teaching myself to hula hoop which I can now do really well ayyyy. I’d want to know all about your favourite books and movies and bands and everything too. And then I’d ask about your plans for the future and probably complain about how stressed I am about uni applications but also how excited I am about going ahhhh!! 

And when we’d finished our drinks, I’d probably make you take ‘candid’ photos of me and the flowers (like the one in my collage – shoutout to my dad lol) and then I’d manage to be really awkward about asking for the bill and then we’d leave and i would have to walk all the way up the giant hill to the car park where my dad always parks but at least I’d be happy and full of coffee. 

I feel like this was slightly cringe but not gonna lie it actually made me pretty happy to write this and now I’m all calm but I really want frothy coffee hmmmmmm. 

What would you order on a coffee date??

xo Ella

coffee date avec moi

life update: chips and lowkey camping

Hm I know I’m a lazy person and I haven’t posted in ages but hey I still have no ideas so here’s a lil life update to show you what I’ve been doing with my life instead of being productive. 

So. End of the summer holidays. My last week of freedom started out pretty busy. I finally tried the vegan pizza from pizza express and it was hElla good. I would eat it every day if I could. I also went canoeing in the sea for the first time which by the way is a lot more effort and kind of more scary than in a French river. My canoe must have spun in the wrong direction about 326 times and I probably nearly got run over by a sailing boat at least once. It was still fun though and I’m literally determined to get arm muscles (right now I’m a weakling with twig arms). I also discovered the universe’s best chips on a vEry long walk with my sister and they were so worth the exercise like WOWOW they were crispy. So regret only getting one bucket between us. 

After all that, it started raining and I stopped doing interesting stuff in favour of staying in bed for about three days watching game of thrones and stressing about the fact that I still hadn’t started my personal statement for my uni applications (I have since started it and it is the cringiest thing I’ve ever written lol). And I made myself pretty avocado toast and more cupcakes than my family could eat. Then some banana bread. And more cakes. 

School started this week, kill me now. No, kidding. It actually hasn’t been that bad so far. I even managed to wake up at quarter to 6 with not too much stress yay me!! I’m also loving colour coding my new school diary because I lead a sad life and I love stationery almost as much as I love bread. 

This weekend I went to a camping party with two of my best friends and we basically didn’t know anyone else there which was awkward but hEY there was music and we made friends. It was also extremely cold and I ended up waking up at 3 in the morning and going to sleep in the bathroom which was probably a stupid idea but at the time I thought I was a genius. At least I was warm ish though. Also it took me about four hours to get home because I forgot my bus has different times on a Saturday so I had to sit on the bus stop eating bread and looking a bit homeless which was kind of tragic. 

Anyway now I’m watching more Game of Thrones with my cat and it’s fab and I sort of want to make more cakes but we’ve run out of sugar sad times. 

I hope y’all are not dying too much from going back to school, we can get through this together I believe in us !!

xo Ella 

life update: chips and lowkey camping

things to do when you start college 

I have a lot more travel posts coming up but I thought I’d break them up a bit because I know loads of people are already going back to school (I feel your pain dudes) and also because I want a bit of variety. By the way, by college I mean English college as in year 12 and 13 not American college as in uni so plz don’t get confused fam. But I guess this works for going into high school or whatever as well so read on people. 

Basically I thought this would be pretty useful maybe because I started college last year and I actually genuinely hated it for about three weeks but mAYBE I can help some pals out so it’s all good from the start ay. 

sO tip number 1: talk to EVERYONE literally from the second you get there on the first day, or even the second you get on the bus or whatever because I met my current friend group through people on the bus. This is really important, even if you’re moving up with 637 of your best friends because a) there’s always a possibility you’re going to meet an amazing new friend, and b) other people (aka me) may have moved up from a different school and know absolutely no one and they will honestly be so greatful for someone to reach out to them. 

tip number 2: USE YOUR FREES !!!! It’s tempting af to just sit around in your free periods eating food and complaining about how much work you have to do but take it from me if you actually do the work in your frees then you have lunch and after college and the weekends free because honestly you have more than enough time to get stuff done and you’ll have resources and books and stuff to make it easier 

tip number 3: be yourself. I know this sounds cringey as hell but it’s actually important because you can kind of get caught up in wanting to change your image and some people at my college are freaking obsessed with being indie and OMG ITS SO ANNOYING STOP YOURSELVES! Apart from these people there’s actually no hierarchy and much less judgment (probably because there’s so many people) and no one cares what you wear or whatever, and if they do it’s likely there’s enough people to just ditch those people and find better ones. 

tip number 4: don’t be afraid to ask for help. Not gonna lie I don’t always follow this one because I kind of hate talking to teachers and stuff but I should because a levels actually do matter, a lot more than GCSEs do and if you don’t understand something, it could completely mess you up and mean you miss the grades you need for uni. Okay, that’s definitely a worst case scenario but sTILL it’s a good idea to make sure you’re on top of things. So use help sessions, ask your classmates or your teachers, don’t just sit there and pray something never comes up because exam boards are evil and they like to torture us so it probably will. 

tip number 5: organise your work as you go along. I dEFINitely don’t follow this one and there’s a massiv pile of random pieces of paper in my room that I don’t even want to look at and I could so easily just have sorted it into files as I did the work but nooooo I had to make life hard for myself and now I want to cry every time I have to go through it to find something i need for revision. Sort out your folders kids. (Ooh and bonus tip: however much paper you think you’ll need, literally times that by four. You’re gonna be drowning in paper.)

Okay that’s all I can think of for now because it’s making me slightly depressed to think about going back to school but hey, don’t stress people. It’s gonna be fine in the end. 

xo Ella

things to do when you start college