life update: cats n cupcakes

heyhey long time no see !! My boring life hasn’t been very blog worthy lately but I’m a dedicated person so here I am ay !

I’ve had a pretty chill weekend, I only have two days left of school so thankfully not too much work and more time to lie on my bed watching Fresh Meat (not as gory as it sounds – absolutely hilarious and non meat related) aka my favourite activity. 

My friend Maisie had her birthday party Friday night which was so much fun. Ellie and I ate a huge amount of mini cheese biscuit things and had a deep convo while lying in a field, a piñata was destroyed and I had a small mental breakdown with Maisie’s lovely cat. 

I was so lazy on Saturday, we lay around watching twilight movies allll morning and I swear Maisie knows literally every word in that movie. I was impressed. In the afternoon I went on a lil dog walk which I don’t think my dog enjoyed very much because it was veryvery hot and there was a slightly aggressive swan but oh well. Can’t be having a lazy dog. 

Today I’ve been lying in the garden drawing and re reading How to be Parisian. And I’ve fINally got my journal up to date. It took me ages because I haven’t done it properly since March – I’ve just been writing in the notes on my phone oops – but now it looks bomb. I just need to print off my recent photos and then it will look even bomb-er yayyy. 

Oh ANd I made take two of the worlds ugliest banana and raspberry muffins which seriously do not look good but taste amazing. Especially warm. 10/10 would recommend. 

So yep that is my life and hopefully it will get more interesting soon because summer and picnics and beach trips yay. Even though I think I’m going to have to finally get a job. Crying inside. I just hope I can find a cute cafe or something that won’t be too boring…

xo Ella

life update: cats n cupcakes

4 thoughts on “life update: cats n cupcakes

  1. theiridescentworldofindy says:

    I really need to get a job too! I was scrolling through Instagram the other day when I noticed one of my favourite little clothing stores is looking for a new casual! And that led me to follow a bunch of other small stores in my local area hoping that that’ll help me find jobs!


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